Please send your submissions by email to:






Only submissions that adhere to the following guidelines will be considered for evaluation:


  • Must be original and not be currently in arbitration for publication elsewhere.
  • Cannot be research projects or protocols, they must be results of a finished investigation.
  • Can be presented individually or in co-authorship (up to three participants).
  • For their acceptance, submissions will go through a double-blind arbitration process. The reviewers decision will not be subject to appeal.
  • In case of acceptance, the author or authors approve its publication in the electronic Memoirs of the Congress.
  • The deadline for submissions is July 27, 2018.






Types of lectures


1. Research reports

The parts of the lecture are:

  • Introduction and outline
  • Development (body)
  • Methodology used in the research.
  • Results and finding analysis
  • Conclusions that reflect on the scientific relevance of the results
  • Sources that support the research. It must use a notes and bibliography ISO  690 standard for reference citations.


2. Theoretical contribution

The required parts are:

  • Problem: specific description of the problem or phenomenon
  • Context: social, economic, historical background in which the problem is set.
  • Discussion: contrast of opposite points of view
  • Solution: present a solution to the problem
  • Sources that support the research. APA Style references.





Only submissions that meet the following requirements will undergo the evaluation process:


a) Complete text of the lecture


1. Maximum extension of 4000 words (not exceeding 12 pages), 3 cm left and right margins, 2.5 cm superior and inferior margins, include keywords (three to five), abstract, images, tables, figures, charts, annexes and source citations. It shall be written in Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer using 12-point Times New Roman font, single spacing, leaving an additional space between paragraphs, which must be justified. Page numbers  will be placed in the bottom-center position.  Send the files in PDF and word processor (Word or Writer) formats.


2. The abstract should be less than 300 words.


3. Do NOT include the author(s) information or sending institution.


4. Lectures will be given in Spanish, Portuguese or English.



b) In a separate document, write the author(s) information.


  • Core topic.
  • Title.
  • Author or authors names (up to three).
  • Keywords (up to five).





A group of expert congress participants analyzes a general topic and specific debates and discussions take place. Each panel allows the participation of one coordinator and up to three participants, preferably from different institutions. The estimated duration for the discussions will be of 1 hour and 30 minutes, which includes 15 minutes for Q&A.


The Panel discussion proposal shall contain:


a) Contact and ID information

  • Core topic.
  • General title for the Panel discussion.
  • Name and CV (up to 100 words) for the coordinator and each of the participants
  • General abstract, up to 300 words.
  • Keywords: up to five.


b) Full text of the proposal

  • Title of the presentation of each participant.
  • Complete text of each participant, that has the following characteristics:
  • 4000 words (including bibliographic references, tables and figures.  Word count excludes title, abstract and Keywords)
  • 1.5 line spacing in12pts Times New Romans.

Send the files in PDF and word processor (Word or Writer) formats.






Poster development shall include:

1. Problem: Is an issue that stems from the analysis of  a given situation and that requires a solution to be provided.

2. Context: The material, social and cultural environment in which the problem arises.

3. Discussion: Points of view (some opposing) in regard to the reasons why the problem arises, its possible causes, a few glimpses  regarding the actors involved and the institution to which they belong. It must also explain which are the conditions present in the institution in which the problem is identified.

4. Solution: A proposal that includes actions and changes that could contribute to solve the problem, change attitudes, values, organization, operations and so on, within the institution.

5. Bibliographic references in APA style .

Submit the poster proposal in PDF and JPG formats (60x90cm /300ppp)


Send the following information in a separate page:

a. Poster title.

b. General information of the author or authors (up to three): Full name(s), email address and Sending  Institution.

c. Core topic presented in the poster.

d. Abstract (up to 250 words).

e. Up to five keywords.